Music Collections

The Sabinet African Archives portal currently offers an index to collections within academic institutions of South Africa. We are busy expanding this index. Sabinet also offers a hosting and digitisation solution to online collection holders to make it more discoverable to researchers globally.

Disclaimer — The collections listed on the Sabinet African Archives may include materials that reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. These materials are presented as part of historical records. Inclusion of these materials does not mean endorsement of or agreement with by Sabinet on any views or terms expressed in the descriptions and/or materials. Read more …

Behrens Music Collection

This collection consists of 106 Behrens compositions of religious organ music (pdf), 34 of which are accompanied by audio files (mp3) containing the music as performed by Richard Behrens himself.…

Mimi Coertse Collection

The Mimi Coertse Collection includes sheet music, CDs, and books, as well as personal items such as opera dresses, correspondence albums, paintings and ephemera.