Malawi Collections

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At present these collections hold close to 52 000 specimens, which include 95 primary types and 966 paratypes.  It is the second largest collection of African Herpetofauna after the Transvaal Museum…

The Malawiana Section

This section curates publications particular to Malawian scholarship (including Masters and PhD Theses by Chancellor College Staff), literature and history

The Law Section

A legal depository for materials on the Malawian legal system, government publications and documents affiliated to the governance and policy of the nation – is also on the first floor

The American Corner

It is run and maintained by the American Embassy in Malawi in order to encourage cultural exchange between American and Malawi, as well as to encourage study abroad


The Library section is responsible for the enforcement of the Printed Publications Act whereby every publisher in the country is obliged to deposit a copy of their publications to the…

Historical Manuscripts

The section complements the official written sources on the history of Malawi. It is responsible for the acquisition of historical information from Private Institutions such as corporate bodies, churches, clubs,…

National Library of Malawi

The National Library Service of Malawi is the legal deposit and copyright library for Malawi. The National Library Service of Malawi is run by the Malawi National Library Service Board

Herpetology Collection

In terms of the distribution of amphibian and reptile specimens represented in the collection: 99% of specimens are from the southern half of Africa with 90% representing the Free State…