Archival Digitisation

With over two decades of knowledge gained from managing our own digitisation projects and those of clients, the team at Sabinet has extensive experience in specialised and customised digitisation services that can help make content in just about any format available electronically.

Sabinet offers a turnkey digitisation solution for collection holders, which also includes hosting services. To optimise your archives, Sabinet will help collection holders digitise their collections as well as host them on this portal. Sabinet African Archives has different models available for this purpose.

Because we understand the value in retrospective material, including rare, fragile, and often unique original items, we offer specialised digitisation services for the preservation of priceless content in a safe and secure environment.

Making your physical and printed materials available electronically not only increases discoverability of your collection but also offers easy access to your content while preserving these important materials for years to come.

We have gained significant expertise which enables us to help you minimise your costs in this endeavour

Benefits include:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) digitisation services are available to generate searchable, full-text electronic documents for your archive
  • Savings related to storage space and costs
  • Easy sharing of digitised content
  • Digitisation of documents can be done on-site at our facility or off-site at yours
  • Project scope, duration and costs are tailored to meet your budget and needs

Visit our website to learn more about our service and previous projects, or to contact our support team.